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My Way ジャケット画像 正方形My way

Release: 2020/08/19

2,727 yen (without tax) / T&A -0006

This is Yokota Akio’s first guitar solo album in two years. With his original arrangement born from his ever-evolving superb technique and creative and novel sensibility, he freely plays three instruments with beautiful tones and delivers an outstanding solo performance. This album includes “Oleo” which makes you feel that Yokota’s musicianship is going back to Be-Bop, “All Blues”, and “Spain (2020 version)” which is a new arrangement of “Spain” recorded in 2016. This album is just like the title says, “My way”. All 9 songs including original songs.

1.Oleo 2.I wish 3.Don’t know why 4.Sunny 5.Route 66 6.Mission(original) 7.All Blues 8.Spain (2020ver.) 9.My way


Release: 2018/07/28
¥2,500 / T&A-0005

This is the first collection of original songs by Akio Yokota, who has released many works as a composer. This is an album of self-reliance in which Yokota plays a variety of instruments and compositions, including “Spirit of HIGO”, which he has been performing since immediately after the Kumamoto earthquake.
This is a collection of dream-filled works for all those who have dreams and try their best to grab their dreams

1. Dreamer  2. Spirit of HIGO 3. 桜雲 Sakuragumo 4. Yokota-Bushi 5. Serenata del Azul 6. Love in Music 7. Spirit of HIGO special 8. Space walk


Release: 2018/07/28
¥2,500 / T&A-0004

This arrangement makes it sound as if every song was originally written for the guitar, and while it is filled with Yokota’s own superb technique, the haunting tone and mature musicality of the original song stand out. A total of 8 pieces of solo guitar playing by Akio Yokota, who has been a professional guitarist for 40 years, and who is convinced of the expanding possibilities of the guitar.

1. Isn’t she lovely 2. Four on Six  3. James 4. My favorite things 5. Yesterday 6. Lovin’ you 7. Sophisticated Lady 8. Georgia on my mind


Release 2017/10/03
¥3,000 / T&A-0003

Solo&Duo plays famous Christmas songs with a JAZZ taste, 13 songs in all.
This is the first Christmas song that Akio Yokota has worked on. He has completed a simple and magnificent Christmas album with a combination of gut guitar, electric guitar, violin and piano, both solo and as a duo with his wife. This is a timeless masterpiece of Christmas songs that should be heard around the world.



Release: 2016/10/01
¥2,000 / T&A-0001

You’ll be amazed at how much expression you can get out of a single guitar. The guitar technique explodes as if it were breaking through his past. This album is a masterpiece of Yokota’s world, finally complete!



Release: 2016/10/01
¥2,000 / T&A-0002

Yokota’s world continues to accelerate. Yokota’s exquisite arrangements and techniques create a kaleidoscopic display of his masterpieces. This is a supreme album in which superb technique and advanced musicality coexist.


Guitarist  Akio Yokota

One and only jazz-based guitarist. Including all musical essence, Flamenco, Rock, Pops, Jazz.

He plays melody, harmony, bass, and rhythm at the same time by just one guitar.




Paint Works by YOKOTA

“He may be a genius.”  by Terumasa Hino (Jazz Trumpet player)

Akio’s imaginative paint works.

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Akio Yokota management office: T&A Corporation

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